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Our French scientific research on the benefits of flowers

26 June 2024

Well-being, happiness, and emotions: flowers, the new friends of city dwellers

Flower Effect

As the pursuit of well-being has become a major concern in our society, our French consumer platform Lajoiedesfleurs.fr has conducted, in collaboration with two French researchers, a scientific study* to measure the impact of cut flowers on the well-being of French city dwellers. The study reveals that cut flowers have a significant impact on the well-being, happiness, and emotions of city dwellers. On the occasion of Global Wellness Week, which takes place this week from June 24 to 30, we unveil the results of this groundbreaking research focused on the effects of flowers at home.

A French study on well-being and flowers... a first!
Although many studies on flowers exist, their effect on the well-being of city dwellers had never been investigated. Lajoiedesfleurs.fr has, for the first time in France, initiated this experimental study in collaboration with two social science researchers, Magali Trelohan and Jordy Stefan.

The sample, consisting of city dwellers (residents of cities with more than 20,000 inhabitants), was divided into two groups: an experimental group of 55 individuals who received bouquets of flowers at home and a control group of 71 individuals who did not receive flowers. They were given a questionnaire with measures for well-being, happiness, and emotions. All measurements were fully conducted using tests that comply with international standards and are scientifically validated, ensuring the reliability and validity of the results.

What have we learned?

1. Flowers at home, a real boost for well-being

Flower Effect

The results of the study show a significant difference between the "flowers" group and the control group on several well-being indicators. The participants in the "flowers" group showed a significantly higher level of well-being.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the "flowers" group felt

· more optimistic about the future (+0.77 points)

· happier (+0.65 points)

· more relaxed (+0.55 points)

While giving flowers is a sign of social connection, having flowers at home also influences our behavior in society. The study reveals that flowers have a beneficial effect on our social interactions and thus on our overall well-being.

The participants in the "flowers" group

· showed more interest in others (+0.45 points)

· felt closer to others (+0.45 points)

· experienced greater self-confidence (+0.45 points)

2. Flowers, sources of happiness

Flower Effect

Because it is said that happiness lies in the small things in life, flowers are certainly part of that. The results of the study show that city dwellers who integrate flowers into their daily lives experience a higher level of happiness.

On a scale of 0 to 10, the participants in the "flowers" group felt generally happier than the control group (+13.88 points)

· happiness-related items increased by +15.63%

· unhappiness-related items decreased by -7.02%

3. Flowers calm us and make us more positive

Flower Effect

At the sight of a bouquet, all senses are awakened. It is, in a way, a natural mood regulator with positive effects on emotional health. The results of the study show significant differences between the "flowers" group and the control group regarding the emotions experienced.

On a scale of 1 to 5, the "flowers" group felt

· happier (+0.46 points)

· more content (+0.37 points)

· more excited (+0.35 points)

· more affectionate (+0.31 points)

· more benevolent (+0.23 points)

· less irritated (-0.49 points)

· less nervous (-0.46 points)

· less tired (-0.43 points)

· less sad (-0.42 points)

· less melancholic (-0.38 points)

As the pursuit of well-being has become a constant endeavor, both in private and professional spheres, this study provides a new perspective on the power of flowers. They are sources of positive emotions, boosters of well-being, and keys to happiness.

Communication campaign around the Flower Effect
To raise consumer awareness about all the positive effects of flowers, our international flower campaign has launched with a unique PR approach in each country focusing on the Flower Effect. In France, we conducted this unique study and are actively sharing the results with various consumer media through this press release to gain editorial attention. Based on this research, a press release has been prepared. The reach also includes popular scientific journals.

An article will appear in Le Parisien Weekend, both in the print version (2.5 million readers) and on the website LeParisien.fr. A partnership with Do it in Paris (166.000 followers) ensures that this study is included in an article on neuroscience and the positive effect of beauty and fragrances on the mind.

A partnership with influencers has been established. Three influencers with a large and interesting audience will share in stories and reels the effect that flowers have on their minds and emotions, conveying the message that flowers do good.

*Study "Effect of cut flowers on well-being, happiness, and emotions" by Lajoiedesfleurs.fr with Magali Trelohan, Associate Professor in Social Marketing, and Jordy Stefan, Research Associate in Social Psychology.