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What we do

We inspire and inform consumers about the beauty of flowers and plants and their positive effect on health and happiness.

The Flower Council of Holland stimulates demand for flowers and plants in various European countries. We do this by communicating about flowers and plants, and by uniting the horticulture sector.

Informing, inspiring and activating
Each and every day, the Flower Council of Holland works with enthusiasm and dedication on public mass media campaigns, surprising PR activities, smart shopper marketing and inspiring content for social media. This includes making sure that flowers and plants remain the topic of conversation and inspiring consumers to purchase them for their own homes or as a gift. See our latest activities.

Our key countries are Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. We are also active in an ever growing number of European countries (including Poland) where we see opportunities to convert consumers into repeat shoppers.

Sector communications
Besides generic consumer communications, we also focus on sector communications in order to better familiarise the general public with the craftsmanship and innovative strength found within all of these horticultural companies. We share stories about initiatives, results and ambitions for a sustainable sector; narratives that contribute to a positive image of the horticulture sector.

Collecting, sharing and helping to implement knowledge
We have considerable knowledge about consumers, their preferences and their buying behaviour. This is acquired by examining consumer behaviour and conducting research. As a result, we know what consumers want and expect, what they buy and how they view the sector. It goes without saying that we use this knowledge to further improve the effectiveness of our campaigns and activities. We also share these insights with growers and traders. We help them to apply this knowledge, so that they can offer the right products and make appropriate policy-related decisions.