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Working together towards a future-proof sector

We have a clear vision and are committed to creating a thriving Dutch horticulture sector. We also do everything with a clear goal in mind: to foster and help the sector develop into the pride of the Netherlands. We are convinced that the world is a better place with sustainably grown flowers and plants.

naar een toekomstbestendige sector

A targeted approach to communications is essential when adopting an accessible manner to engage consumers in a journey towards a future-proof sector. We want to highlight the numerous positive examples: promote a positive image of growers and traders and continuously inspire and inform consumers. This requires closer collaboration with all parties in the sector, better coordinated communications and more active communication of positive stories. This is how we work together to develop transparent communications about our sector. 

Below you can find information on how we want to work with you to create a future-proof sector. We also share practical tips that you can use in your own communications to complement the information we provide.  
Do you want to help us achieve our common goal? Contact us at info@bloemenbureauholland.nl.