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Experience the ‘Flower Effect’: give yourself the gift of flowers

28 May 2024

International flower campaign launched

Flowers boost our well-being. They bring a smile to our faces, and give us an energy boost and a positive state of mind. Reason enough to buy yourself flowers on a regular basis! To make consumers aware of all the positive effects of flowers, our international flower campaign is being launched with a different approach in each country.

Libelle Margriet Zomerweek

Activations in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, we are drawing attention to the ‘Flower Effect’ message in collaboration with the Libelle Margriet Summer Week. This popular event, which this year has the theme ‘Festa de Flor’, is dedicated exclusively to flowers. We are providing colourful decorations for the outdoor café tables and creating cheerful floral selfie walls and other hotspots that invite everyone to take photos and share them via social media. People who participate in the flower workshop get to personally experience the positive effects of flowers while compiling their own bouquet. To draw more attention to the workshop, both the press and influencers will be taking part in the first morning workshop. Of course, they will then share content about the workshop and their personal creations via their social media channels.

This will be followed by three weeks of advertorials in the printed magazines and websites of Libelle, Margriet and Flair. The campaign will then be taken a step further both online and offline, and more attention will be devoted to the positive effects of flowers.

Gönn dir blumen

How we reach German consumers
In Germany, we are promoting the campaign from a ‘self-care’ perspective. Self-care, which means putting your personal well-being first by caring for yourself, is a popular topic, especially among Millennials and Gen-Z. Using online video commercials and digital out-of-home advertising, we are making consumers aware of the joy, passion and serenity that flowers bring to our lives. People who feel strongly about well-being should treat themselves to a lovely bouquet. It goes without saying that we are also using inspirational content to advertise on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Activations in France: press releases and social media
Under the heading ‘Flora Feel’, a study is carried out in France with the help of a few scientists into the effect of flowers on personal well-being. All participants, including a group of influencers, receive fresh flowers as part of the study. For an entire week, they then report regularly on their mental and physical well-being. We actively share the results of the study with various media in order to attract editorial attention to the Flower Effect. The participating influencers also create content about this and post it on their social media channels.

PR activation around National Florist Day in the United Kingdom
National news, regional news and social media: all channels are being used to make British consumers aware of the ‘Flower Effect’. The fact is, flowers are still often regarded as a gift for special occasions, even though buying yourself flowers has so many positive effects. To spread this message, we are working with florists and influencers, and are highlighting their self-care routine - in which flowers play an important role - in an attractive manner. To give the campaign more authority, we will be interviewing a psychologist about the importance of self-care and the role that flowers can play in this.

We will be launching the activation for National Florist Day on 8 June. This day came into being to celebrate florists and their professional skills and creativity. The ‘Flower Effect’ message that we are spreading with our flower campaign provides the perfect support for this.

Want to find out more?
Feel free to contact Gabrielle Dullaart, campaign manager, at gdullaart@bloemenbureauholland.nl.