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We Need More Flowers most successful to date

20 October 2022

Most important conclusions of Motivaction’s campaign evaluation  

 We Need More Flowers most successful to date

Research firm Motivaction evaluated our spring campaign We Need More Flowers, which ran in the Netherlands, Germany and United Kingdom in May and in France in June. How did it go? The campaign was the most successful to date, was greatly appreciated and boosted interest in buying flowers. 

The campaign comprised TV, online video and social media (Facebook and Instagram). TV raised the most awareness, particularly among French consumers.  

Campaign evaluation
The most important conclusions from Motivaction’s study: 

  • The level of appreciation for the campaign was at its highest since being launched in 2018. Our most important target group, Aesthetic Explorers, gave the campaign a rating of 8.5 (compared to 8.1 in 2021). 
  • Consumers are more interested in flowers – and in buying flowers – than ever before. The campaign prompted at least 77% of Aesthetic Explorers to buy flowers. (2021: 65%). This percentage was even as high as 91% among British Aesthetic Explorers.  
  • Buying intent for houseplants and outdoor plants increased in line with buying intent for flowers. Aesthetic Explorers’ buying intent increased to 68% (houseplants) and 62% (outdoor plants). Or as a French respondent put it: ‘Joyful. Craving for some more flowers or another small plant to brighten up my house a little more.’  
  • In terms of memorability, the campaign was rated slightly higher (35%) than previous editions (all below 30%). 
  • The 2021 campaign was supported by a 10-second TV commercial. This year we opted for a 20-second commercial, which proved to be a wise choice, as the clarity of our message for the target group rose from 91% in 2021 to 97% in 2022. 
  • The Status Seekers target group also appreciated the campaign, giving it a great rating of 7.3, just as it did in 2021. 
  • ​On average, young people aged 18-35 were the ones who felt most inspired to buy flowers after seeing the campaign.  

Further information 
Keen to find out more about Motivaction’s study or the We Need More Flowers campaign? Feel free to get in touch with our Country Manager Chanel de Kock via cdekock@flowercouncil.co.uk. Or contact Esther de Waard, Strategy & Campaign Manager, by sending an e-mail to edewaard@bloemenbureauholland.nl.  

October 2022