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Thanks Plants campaign continues to be successful

13 February 2023

Polish consumers also appreciated the (first) campaign


The Thanks Plants campaign was successful for the fifth consecutive time. Launched in five countries in September and October, it once again resulted in increased appreciation and buying intentions. Polish consumers that saw the campaign for the first time also rated it highly. This was clear from a survey carried out by the research firm Motivaction on behalf of the Flower Council of Holland. 

Continued growth
The survey also showed that this campaign once again achieved its objective. Among the most important buyer groups – Aesthetic Explorers (AE) and Status Seekers (SS) – overall appreciation was 8.4 and 7.5, respectively. The buying intention in these groups was 78% and 62%. 

About the campaign
The Thanks Plants campaign ran from 26 September to 16 October 2022 in Germany, the United Kingdom, France and the Netherlands. On this occasion, special focus was placed on plants that help to create the perfect home office. Consumers were able to see the campaign via digital and regular outdoor advertising, mobile and online video ads, influencers on Facebook and Instagram, and other means. The posts by influencers were seen by 2.2 million people in the four key countries and received over 25,000 ‘likes, comments and shares’.

The Thanks Plants campaign was further supported by a related content campaign about adding greenery to your home office.

In the United Kingdom, consumers gave it an overall rating of 7.5, while the AE and SS rated it 8.7 and 7.1, respectively. The overall buying intention in this case was 54%, with 84% for the AE and 73% for the SS.

Consumers in Poland also saw the campaign, which ran from 10 to 30 October, for the first time. Besides the advertisements, strong emphasis was placed on publications in consumer magazines, professional publications and support activities in wholesale markets.

Polish consumers gave the campaign an overall rating of 8.2, while the AE and SS rated it 9.3 and 7.9, respectively. The overall buying intention in this case was 69%, with 91% for the AE and 65% for the SS.

Want to learn more?
For more information about this campaign and the results, contact Monique Kemperman, campaign manager, via mkemperman@bloemenbureauholland.nl

February 2023