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Results of EU co-financed ‘Shine on’ campaign

19 August 2021

Successful campaign in 7 countries thanks to intensive collaboration

Six international collaborating floriculture organisations launched the international campaign ‘Shine on’ in April. This campaign was developed with the aid of an emergency EU fund to help recover losses the floriculture sector suffered from the consequences of the first months of the coronavirus pandemic. The campaign ‘Shine on’ was designed to increase buying intention for cut flowers, houseplants and outdoor plants in 7 European countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, France, Germany and the Netherlands. 

With the appreciated input of the international partners BAOPN, FloraDania, Flower Council of Austria, Val’hor and VLAM, and the Flower Council of Holland as coordinator, this campaign was launched using a slightly differentiated media strategy per country to maximise results. The campaign was most visible in France and Germany, the countries most relevant for the majority of the partners. The campaign has now ended and has been evaluated. Here is a summary of the results.

Intention to buy flowers and plants
The most important goal for this campaign was the buying intention: we want the consumer to be more willing to buy flowers and plants after seeing the campaign. Overall, the campaign encouraged 2 out of every 5 consumers to buy flowers, indoor and/or outdoor plants. 40% of the audience said they felt encouraged to buy more flowers, 37% intended to buy more houseplants, and 42% intended to buy more outdoor plants. Considering this was an EU campaign targeted at a broad target group, this is considered a good score, and exceeds the KPI’s set at the start.  

Flowers and plants top of mind
Besides buying intention, this campaign was also aimed at restoring awareness for our products: making sure that during the corona pandemic flowers and plants remain top of mind for consumers. We noticed good results in the countries this research has been done previously: the awareness for all categories is close to the numbers before the corona pandemic. In Austria, Bulgaria and Denmark, the top of mind awareness seems lower, possibly because even before the top of mind position was lower. All countries combined we notice a slight decrease for cut flowers (46%) and houseplants (36%), with outdoor plants stable at 28%. 

High reach 
In Bulgaria and France, the campaign ‘Shine on’ was aired on TV, which had a positive impact on the reach in these countries. Consumers of these countries, together with German and Belgian consumers, were overall most positive about the campaign. On average the campaign received a 7, with the Bulgarian consumers being most positive with a score of 8.  A total of 31 million unique viewers watched our YouTube advertisement. Besides visibility on social media in Belgium and Bulgaria, and radio in Bulgaria and Germany, the commercial was also visible on Bulgarian TV with 1,8 million viewers, and on French TV with 97 million target contacts (almost 12 million people of our target group watched one or several of the 198 times the commercial showed on French TV). 

The campaign is an excellent example of international collaboration within the sector, and we would like to thank our partners, our agencies, sector organisations involved and the European Agri Fund - who all contributed to making this campaign possible. For more information, please contact Project Coordinator Simone Dussine, sdussine@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

August 2021