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Ivo van Orden appointed as Activation Manager

21 June 2018

A familiar face in a new role: Ivo van Orden, formerly Marketing Manager Netherlands at the Flower Council of Holland, has been appointed as the new Activation Manager within the organisation. In his role he will bring growers, traders and consumers closer together. 

Ivo van Orden has been working at the Flower Council in various roles since 2010, and is very familiar with both the sector and the organisation. His appointment as Activation Manager marks the start of the creation of an Activation Team that will consist of 4 or 5 people which should be fully staffed by the end of this year. The Activation Team will be focusing heavily on closer collaborations with Royal FloraHolland, growers and traders to initiate joint shopper activations. These will link up with the generic campaigns and content from the Flower Council of Holland that constantly draws consumers’ attention to flowers and plants. The new structure is designed to stimulate sales more directly.

Encouraging and enthusing 
“I’m convinced that by appointing Ivo van Orden we have selected the right person for this role,” says Dennis van der Lubbe, director of the Flower Council of Holland. “Ivo has extensive experience in our sector and has also gained considerable experience of activation campaigns in his previous jobs within the advertising industry. His extensive network, enthusiasm and ambition offer a good basis for the Activation Team’s success.”

Effective marketing throughout the supply chain
The Activation Team is one of the key areas within the new structure of the Flower Council of Holland, which is seeking to make the collective promotion of the floriculture sector link up more closely with practical activities. This will require additional activities. Both traders and growers need an effective approach and clear marketing tools to achieve this. Ivo van Orden will be focusing on this as Activation Manager: “Short lines of communication, a practical approach, and a bigger impact on the consumer,” is how he summarises his new role. “That will benefit all the partners in the supply chain.”