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Issue Two of The Green Gallery is live

27 November 2015

Today, 27 November 2015, online magazine The Green Gallery launches its second issue in the UK. The magazine celebrates nature in an elaborate, sensual and contemporary way, this time featuring plants. The Green Gallery wants to show readers the beauty of nature through inspiring and artistic content. Beware: for those not paying attention will get lost in a beautiful, long lasting ‘green’ journey. No punishment, whatsoever.

It’s hard not to get caught up in The Green Gallery’s beautiful creations, which digitally unfolds, page after page. From beginning to end it’s a lush green journey carrying you past beauty shoots, design files, art projects and food stories. The title ‘Opulent gifts of Nature’ promises what it suggests. The creators have sought collaborations with high-profile plant connoisseurs, leading artists and photographers.

Muse of many

From true Victorian ‘Fern Craze’ to a modern Fern Paradise, one thing’s for sure: the fern is back. The Green Gallery celebrates this editions’ muse in a sensual photo shoot where not only the bright green leaves attract your attention... The fern is also portrayed by renowned artistic duo Maarten Kolk and Guus Kusters in a series of photos, transforming the plant and its twigs into delicate dancers.

Historic Beauty

In Historic Beauty three contemporary and leading trendsetters were asked to make a modern interpretation of the historic painting ‘Day Dream’ (1880) by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. Three completely different and authentic creations, resulting in an inspiring and diverse tableau.

Take care!

It goes without saying that without green in our lives, we’re nothing. We have the responsibility to take care of and respect our nature. Some of us go pretty far in caring for nature and create new green worlds in which we can completely lose ourselves. The Planthunter is such a platform. The Green Gallery spoke to founder Georgina Reid who so lovingly talks about plants, that she changes your take on green instantly.

What else?

Plants are delicious! To prove that, Eva Kosmas Flores, known from Adventuresincooking.com and Marta Greber of Whatshouldieatforbreakfasttoday.com developed lip-smacking yummy recipes inspired by nature. And yes, it also looks astonishing.  

Also in this issue a gorgeous beauty shoot, an exclusive photo series by French photographer Liliroze, shopping inspiration, unique sketches and artworks, in short… read, and get lost in nature.

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Note to editors

About The Green Gallery

The online magazine The Green Gallery shows consumers the beauty of flowers and plants in its very own way. Aesthetic, raw, feminine, enchanting and contemporary. The magazine is an online gallery where flowers and plants are shown to be muses for lovers of fashion, food, design, art and interior. The Green Gallery is available in Dutch, French, German and English and will appear several times per year.

The Green Gallery is initiated by The Flower Council of Holland and came to life in the creative hands of Nancy Berendsen, former managing editor of Holland Herald magazine and former editor-in-chief of various other Dutch lifestyle magazines.