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Edition #4 of The Green Gallery

27 September 2016

The fourth issue of online magazine The Green Gallery has been published. In this issue, which is all about plants, the magazine again celebrates nature in an extravagant and contemporary way. The Green Gallery’s artistic and inspirational content allows its readers to experience the beauty of nature. It collaborates on this with high profile plant lovers, trendwatchers, photographers and artists.    

Artistic Autumn

The theme of this fourth issue is ‘Artistic Autumn’, and it celebrates golden autumn, the return of purple houseplants and art decorum, the era in which artists are our inspiration. With the underlying message of ‘celebrate life, plants and your muses’, The Gathering depicts an artist’s studio packed with plants and paintbrushes. Floral artistry, not just for special occasions with friends, but also at home in your natural cocoon. The queen of styling, award-winning Sibella Court, gives her tips and tricks and shows that plants are essential for setting the tone in your decor.  

Green inspiration

This issue also features three stimulating interpretations of the classic Swedish masterpiece ‘Portrait of a Lady in Pink’ by Einar Jolin from 1939, a visually stunning report showing the sometimes intense bond between plant and person, and a shining role for the paradisical Heliconia as the true belle of the jungle.  

About The Green Gallery

Discover all this and much more green inspiration in the latest edition of The Green Gallery. In the run-up to Christmas The Green Gallery will be producing an extra festive edition…  

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