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Eye-catching series of stories about outdoor plants in four major consumer magazines

11 October 2023

From Grey to Green every season of the year

Outdoor plants are in the spotlight this October in four consumer magazines with millions of readers. In Libelle, Margriet, Flair and the Volkskrant Magazine, people share their plans and wishes for using beautiful outdoor plants to add colour and ambience to their façade gardens, balconies or rooftop terraces. Tom Groot, the official gardener of the ‘Eigen Huis & Tuin’ TV programme, shares practical tips and inspiring ideas. The content campaign starts today, 11 October, in Libelle with Joyce and Sebastiaan from Haarlem, who have embellished their façade garden with colourful outdoor plants. 

Libelle - Dutch weekly magazine - From Grey to Green
Dutch weekly magazine 'Libelle' showcasing From Grey to Green (week 41)

The content series was developed by the Flower Council of Holland in partnership with the Outdoor Committee of Royal FloraHolland and growers. The stories are part of the 'From Grey to Green every season of the year' campaign. The message: October is the perfect time for new plants that give autumn a boost of colour. Besides the personal stories of the public, growers also talk about the outdoor plants that they supplied. The grower in the first article is Rudolf Hopmans, owner of the Natuurlijk Hopmans nursery in Wieringerwerf, who talks about his efforts to cultivate ‘his Heuchera’ in an increasingly sustainable manner. 

Collaboration with growers
Over the course of four weeks, the series will appear in four magazines from the DPG Media Group. After Libelle (11 October), articles will then be published in Margriet (18 October), Flair (24 October) and the Volkskrant Magazine (28 October). The goal is to inspire a wide audience and provide practical tips. Alongside these articles, sector communication will be included step by step into the ongoing campaigns, content and activities organised by the Flower Council of Holland. This series involves Van der Starre (climbing plants), Hoogeveen Plants, Van Woudenberg Tuinplanten and Natuurlijk Hopmans. Their stories will also be actively shared via the social medial channels Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. 

In addition, the content can be found at our Dutch consumer site 'Mooiwatplantendoen.nl' (equivalent of Thejoyofplants.co. uk), where visitors can find even more tips and ideas for decorating their rooftop terraces or façade gardens in the late season. 

From 2 to 15 October, the 'From Grey to Green every season of the year' campaign will also be promoted using radio commercials on popular radio stations.