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The Trend Collection for spring/summer 2023

18 March 2023

De Trend Collectie lente/zomer 2023

Sixth collection packed with modern nostalgia

The first day of March 2023 is a date to mark in your calendar. This is when Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk will be presenting The Trend Collection for spring/summer 2023. This sixth edition of The Trend Collection is called Collecting Memories and features 16 flowers, houseplants and outdoor plants that align impeccably with current interior and lifestyle trends, but are also perfectly coordinated with each other. The result? A soft, harmonious collection with a nostalgic vibe.

The trend: Collecting Memories
The Collecting Memories style trend forms the basis of the new Trend Collection and revolves around the need for recollection and comforting products in a rapidly changing world. We all long for a sense of coming home to a familiar place, where we have the time and state of mind to cherish fond memories. The flowers in this trend are small, fragile and poetic, while the leaves have a fine structure. In bouquets, each of the individual flowers gets the attention it deserves. Emphasis is placed on plants with whimsical shapes or those that have adapted to their surroundings. The material used for the plant pot also plays an important role, and includes ceramic, porcelain, traditional woven baskets, wood, enamel, rattan, zinc and cast iron. The colours are harmonious and soft, with lots of green and pastels, while the shapes and designs in the collection are discrete and low-key.

The flowers and plants in the collection 
The Trend Collection for spring/summer 2023 contains: 

  • Flowers: dill, ranunculus, rose, carnation, scabiosa and dahlia.
  • Houseplants: blue star fern, Araucaria, anthurium, bromeliad, hydrangea and ficus.
  • Outdoor plants: Garden herbs, cherry blossom tree, eucalyptus and a poetic garden plant mix.

The Trend Collection background 
Consumer needs evolve continuously and trends are always changing. That is why Funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk and Thejoyofplants.co.uk develop two Trend Collections each year that are in keeping with the current trends: one collection for spring/summer and one for autumn/winter. The ultimate goal is to keep flowers and plants top-of-mind among consumers and media all year round. An attractive mix of top 20 and niche products also attracts the interest of the media, bringing even more attention to the collection. 

Downloads: images, posters and banners 
The following images, poster and banner for The Trend Collection for spring/summer 2023 can be downloaded and used free of charge to promote the collection. We kindly ask that you include the credits #trendcollection, #funnyhowflowersdothat, #thejoyofplants. 

High-resolution images can be downloaded from our image database

Materials in ten languages in the Marketing Portal 
By creating an account in the Marketing Portal, you can download posters and banners for The Trend Collection in ten different languages. The Marketing Portal is available to our stakeholders on request. To gain access, register on the login page of this portal. 

Want to learn more about The Trend Collection? 
Contact campaign manager Isabel Groot at igroot@bloemenbureauholland.nl

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