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Houseplants of the Month and the Flower Agenda for 2020 selected

24 July 2019


Product lists for 2020
As always, the product list for 2020 have been drawn up in close collaboration with the product specialists at Royal FloraHolland. 
Images, texts and downloadable posters will be available in Dutch, German, English and French for all interested parties in the autumn. 

Houseplants of the Month 2020

January Zamioculcas
February Areca palm
March Dendrobium
April Campanula
May Peace lily
June Calla lily
July Celosia
August Cacti
September Strelitzia
October Croton
November Sansevieria
December Yucca


Flower Agenda 2020

January Rose
February Chrysanthemum
March Tulip
April Gerbera
May Alstroemeria
June Lily
July Summer Flowers (Gladiolus, Snapdragon, Sunflower) 
August Dahlia
September Hydrangea
October Lisianthus
November Orchids (Cymbidium, Phalaenopsis, Vanda)
December Amaryllis


The last, but not the end
2020 will be the last year that the Flower Council of Holland will publish the Houseplant of the Month and the Flower Agenda after a successful run of over 15 years. In the autumn of 2020 the Flower Council will launch a new programme: the Flower and Plant Collections, with which we can respond better to the needs of the consumer (press), who are very interested in seasons and trends. The new approach are also better suited to the growth platforms (seasons and interiors).

Trends central
A group of flowers and (outdoor) plants to match the season will be selected on the basis of trend information (based on Horticulture Sector Trends). We will publish a collection twice a year; one collection for the spring/summer season and one for the autumn/winter season. In addition to the products, these will also cover aspects like colours, materials, shapes, textures and specific themes. The products obviously play the leading role, and can also be used very successfully by producers and traders in their own marketing and promotion.