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Playful Construction

It is clear that existing systems have become bogged down. The solution is to remodel and reshape – in all areas. We do this by experimenting and viewing the world around us from a new and unorthodox perspective.



Playful Construction in interiors
Indoors, we find playful solutions and structural exuberance, like giant links that together form a sofa. Everything appears to be the consequence of a surprising perspective on consumer items and decorative products. The interior has an optimistic look & feel thanks to product combinations and cheerful colours. With flowers, we see lots of circular shapes in the flower arrangements themselves as well as the subsoil. Hanging plants also play an eye-catching role, excitingly duelling with basic constructions in pots or wall decorations.

Playful Construction in outdoor spaces
Outdoors, cheerful colours immediately catch the eye. Once again, we have sought creative and constructive solutions that show the space in a different light. This perspective in turn offers new insights, and the structural exuberance is enhanced by the use of colour. Flexibility and surprise are achieved with colourful and light objects that are easy to move around. In terms of plants, exotic plants and cheerfully flowering species are perfect for this trend.
The trend’s product ingredients
Eye-catching and structural shapes offer a surprisingly different perspective on the products. This new form language is the most important product ingredient, alongside the eye-catching use of colour. In other words, the materials are of secondary importance. However, we see lots of tubular constructions made of metal, plastic or glass, which helps to shape the structural character of this trend. The surfaces are mostly smooth. Patterns also play a minor role and are limited to stripes, checks, ridges and circles.

Playful Construction colour palette
Colour is key with this trend, which features a highly diverse colour palette. This palette includes bright colours, fresh pastel hues, silver and light grey, all of which can be combined endlessly.



Core values of this trend
Cheerful, colourful, playful, creative, original, surprising, structural and inquisitive.

Keen to find out more?
Read more about the other three Horticulture Sector Trends 2024: Meaningful Earth, Viva La Vida and Gentle Paradox. For more information, contact Monique Kemperman at mkemperman@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

May 2023