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Flowers: the most beautiful, meaningful and personal gift for Mother’s Day

29 April 2024

Mother’s Day is a day of celebration. And, of course, the best way to celebrate is with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. To honour all mother figures, we’re launching an inclusive Mother’s Day campaign that involves video messages, the AI Florist in collaboration with Fleurop, personal stories and more unique content.

AI Bloemist

National and international activities
This year, we’re spreading the message ‘Flowers are the most beautiful, meaningful and personal gift for Mother’s Day’ via various media channels. To effectively reach our target groups in the Netherlands, France and Germany, we will be organising various PR activities in each country.

Always the perfect match with the AI Florist
We are once again using our AI Florist for Mother’s Day in the Netherlands. Following a successful launch for Valentine’s Day, with which we reached nearly eight million people, the tool can be used to design a personal bouquet for Mother’s Day. The tool selects suitable flowers based on the personal characteristics of the receiver. These are presented in a shopping list that the consumer then takes to a local florist. It is also possible to have the bouquet delivered via Fleurop and to enclose a personal card.

To also reach our younger target group, we are promoting the tool on social media. Facebook and Instagram posts are available to florists for sharing on their own pages, and the royal association of floral retailers VBW is supporting our Mother’s Day activation by sending a newsletter to its members. Florists can also pick up a free poster at Waterdrinker and Plantion.

Colourful videos with a story
In the Netherlands, six endearing videos capture the essence of our Mother’s Day campaign. In the picturesque surroundings of the Moerman Nursery in Limburg, six people talk about important mother figures in their lives, while compiling a personal bouquet or flower arrangement for them. The videos emphasise the power of flowers and plants to express love, appreciation and gratitude.

We’ve also sent a press release to various lifestyle media and are working with influencers, each of whom will share a personal story about Mother’s Day and the meaning behind the giving and receiving of flowers. Tom Groot (in his column in VRIJ Weekend magazine) and other Dutch newspapers also pay attention to flowers for Mother's Day.


On radio stations NH and Radio Oost, two florists will be talking about the unique symbolism of flowers and listeners will be encouraged to share a personal story with listeners about important mother figures in their lives.

Finally, we will have promotional billboards on the TV stations RTL4, RTL 8 and TLC from 4-12 May.

Mother’s Day in France and Germany
In Germany, we’re promoting Mother’s Day in a partnership with the women’s magazine Emotion and Fleurop. We will be using an advertorial to highlight seven types of flowers with a special meaning. We will also be raffling off ten bouquets to readers and promoting the German version of our consumer website funnyhowflowersdothat.co.uk.

In France, there will be a press release covering a study into mother figures. In this study, French consumers identified three types of mothers. Three special bouquets have been designed to match these types, and we will be promoting them during Mother’s Day.

Promote the campaign together with us
It goes without saying that you are more than welcome to share the videos. The videos are subtitled so that they can be used in various countries. Download them here via our tool kit.

Need more information?
Feel free to contact Gabrielle Dullaart, communications manager, at gdullaart@bloemenbureauholland.nl for more information about our 2024 Mother’s Day campaign.