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Viva La Vida

There is enough trouble in the world to make anyone feel miserable and negative. Some people cope with these feelings by withdrawing from the big bad world and occasionally celebrating life. Viva La Vida captures this sentiment: cheerful and exuberant, and full of passion, colour and expressiveness.



Viva La Vida in interiors
It is as if the interior is balancing on the summery edge of Southern Europe and Central America. Forget minimalism – immerse the home in patterns, wrought iron, mosaics, coloured tiles, tassels, fringes and frills. When it comes to floral arrangements, colour is the magic word: preferably lavish and festive, and combined with full flower shapes. Be it a voluminous and full bouquet or a single eye-catching flower, the keyword is "dramatic". Blooming house plants are also perfect for this trend.

Viva La Vida in outdoor spaces
Viva La Vida also means a festive garden full of tropical plants in tropical colours. Southern-inspired patios appeal to the imagination and decorative wrought iron is making a comeback. Cheerful colours form a duo with romance. How? By incorporating decorative elements into the garden, creating intimate corners, and planting lushly flowering Clematis, honeysuckle, roses, and Bougainvillea. Embrace passion, romance, and a festive ambiance in gardens or on balconies.

The trend’s product ingredients
The shapes are generally simple and smooth, with eye-catching materials giving the objects a unique decorative look & feel. Fringes and tassels are the perfect finishing touch. Natural materials help create a decorative ambiance. These include decorative tiles, mosaics, coloured and braided reed and raffia, textiles with frayed ends, frills and fringes, pigmented wood and wrought iron with patterns. The designs are colourful and highly diverse, ranging from classic to modern. Spain and Mexico are clearly sources of inspiration here.

Viva La Vida colour palette
This kind of trend naturally features a warm and exuberant colour palette. Essential colours are pink, red, Viva Magenta (Pantone colour of the year 2023), orange and bright yellow. These colours are also found in the flowers, plants and accessories. The accent colours in this palette are black, Marsala brown and bright mint green. These shades are perfect for accessories and large elements, both indoors and outdoors.



Core values of this trend
Warmth, excitement, cheerfulness, expressiveness, colourful, passionate, spicy and decorative.

Keen to find out more?
Read more about the other three Horticulture Sector Trends 2024: Meaningful Earth, Gentle Paradox and Playful Construction. For more information, contact Campaign Manager  Monique Kemperman at mkemperman@bloemenbureauholland.nl

May 2023