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Campaign for Autumn Bouquets at Blumen Risse

28 September 2021

This October, Blumen Risse will have a special offer for its customers at approximately 130 florists' stores, and its online shop: a huge range of autumn bouquets with exceptional varieties. The consumer campaign will promote the offer under the slogan 'Bring autumn to your vase'. The partners in this campaign are Blumen Risse, breeding group ‘365 Days of Flowers’, distributor Hilverda DeBoer, and the Flower Council of Holland (Blumenbüro Holland).

Sales Campaign

Campaign for Autumn bouquets at Blumen Risse
From 30 September until 30 October, Blumen Risse will be designing unique autumn bouquets, that will be promoted using the campaign slogan 'Bring autumn to your vase'. The bouquets will include the cut flower varieties carthamus, chamelaucium and amaranthus, among others. Professional florists will work with an appropriate autumnal palette like orange tones and blackberry shades. The campaign also includes a 'bouquet of the week' available at Blumen Risse florists' stores from 9.99 euros.

Managing Director of Blumen Risse Hans-Jörg Brass explains: “We’re excited to showcase seasonal diversity with this campaign. Our florists and customers will get to see new varieties that are not normally available. These will be turned into trendy bouquets by our florists. Furthermore, this campaign is a great opportunity to increase our social media presence and promote our online shop.” The sales campaign is a cooperation between Blumen Risse, breeding group ‘365  Days of Flowers’, the distributor Hilverda DeBoer and the Flower Council of Holland.

Offer at 130 florists' stores and online
The autumn bouquets will be available in all Blumen Risse florists’ stores and Blumen Risse garden centres, which also offer professional florist services. The stores are primarily located in the state of North Rhine-Westphalia. Further stores can be found in Lower Saxony, Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. The Blumen Risse online shop delivers nationwide in Germany. 

Social Media, Influencers, Online, Newsletter, Radio, PR & POS Advertising
The offer ties in with the content campaign 'Autumn calls for flowers', which will be running on the German consumer website Tollwasblumenmachen.de and its social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest) from 22 September until the end of November. From there, consumers will be directed to Blumen Risse and the autumn bouquets on offer with the campaign. Aside from the online adverts, a radio ad will also be running on the German public radio broadcaster WDR2. The campaign will also be supplemented with press information, prize games, and influencer collaborations. Blumen Risse will communicate the campaign to customers at the point of sale with sales posters in their specialist stores. The bouquets will be highlighted with the eye-catching colour orange in the online shop. Additionally, Blumen Risse’s autumn bouquet offer will also be marketed on its social media channels and in its newsletter.
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