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Evaluation: We Need More Flowers campaign

19 August 2021

Research agency Motivaction has evaluated the ‘We Need More Flowers’ campaign. The campaign ran in the Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom in May, and in France in June, and the results are impressive! We Need More Flowers was given high ratings and resulted in increased interest in (buying) flowers.

Positive about the campaign

  • Almost half of the respondents (46%) of the most important target group (the Aesthetic Explorer) have more interest in flowers following this campaign. 
  • 65% of the respondents of this group were stimulated by the campaign to buy flowers
  • Respondents from this target group gave the campaign an average rating of 8,1. This is one of the best ratings since we’ve started evaluating the flower campaigns in this way. French consumers gave the campaign the highest rating of 8,4. The campaign was therefore well-tailored to the target group.
  • Respondents thought it was a good idea to promote flowers as the spreaders of joy and as ideal gifts. 

Buying more flowers
Two in three consumers of the main target group in this survey felt encouraged to buy flowers after seeing the campaign. One interesting side-effect: the flower campaign also meant that consumers are more interested in houseplants (60%) and also felt encouraged to buy outdoor plants (56%).
Almost one in four respondents (24%) expect to buy more flowers for themselves in the coming twelve months. And almost one third (29%) of the respondents of the main target group want to buy more flowers as gifts over the next twelve months. The same goes for houseplants (27%) and outdoor plants (27%).

Results of media deployment
The campaign’s media deployment consisted of TV, online video via Facebook, Instagram and YouTube, and POS materials for the shop floor. There were also successful PR activities in all the countries. In the Netherlands, the campaign was also supported with a shopper activation with Fleurop and Roselily. The results: The TV deployment made a significant contribution to the reach and recognition of the campaign. The campaign video was seen most on television, followed by Facebook, YouTube and Instagram.

Respondents’ reactions
A sample of the reactions from respondents in all countries:

  • “This campaign is fun. It is aimed at all ages. The commercial and the posters show you why people should buy more flowers.” (German consumer)
  • “This campaign is very smart and gets people talking about flowers; we don’t see that often enough.” (French consumer)
  • “Fun, particularly in this time of a pandemic; this sort of campaign has an uplifting effect.” (Dutch consumer)
  • “I think that this campaign is extremely unique and really quite cool, if I’m being honest.” (British consumer)

For more information
If you would like to know more about the campaign and/or the evaluation, please contact Country Manager Chanel de Kock at cdekock@flowercouncil.co.uk or Campaign Manager Daan Langstraat at dlangstraat@bloemenbureauholland.nl.

August 2021